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It is our goal at to always provide our clients with the best service possible.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at your convenience, all of our contact information can be found on the left hand side of every page of this website, and/or on the contact link at the top of every page on this website.  We will do everything within our power to recitfy any situations in an effective and expedient manner.  If you are still not satisfied with our resolution or your issue has not been remedied to your satisfaction, below is the complaint process that can be followed.


Reporting Complaints and/or Concerns

Any complaint or concern should be communicated to the appropriate TeacherBuilder staff member to ensure the right person is addressing your problem.  

If the complaint or concern relates to any TeacherBuilder employee, the matter should be communicated directly to Jaime Lopez, at 1-877-822-1144 Ext. 718 or by email at

Reporting of Accounting Matters.  

Any complaints or concerns an employee may have regarding accounting, internal accounting controls or auditing matters should be communicated directly to Louie Cuevas, at 1-877-822-1144 Ext. 706 or by email at

If the appropriate TeacherBuilder staff member does not resolve your issue you have the right to file a complaint with the Texas Education Agency (TEA). 

To file a complaint with TEA about an educator preparation program, please compile a complete submission as outlined below. There is no complaint form.


Write a letter with a brief narrative of the facts of the complaint. To adequately review and address a complaint, TEA needs specific details. We must be able to identify a clear violation of a school law or the TAC and determine whether the agency has authority to act upon the allegation.

Complaints submissions should include the following:


The reasons you believe the issues raised in your complaint are valid. You should also indicate how you believe that TEA can assist you with this matter. Remember that TEA cannot assist you in understanding your contractual arrangement with the educator preparation program, arranging for a refund, obtaining a higher grade or credit for training, or seeking reinstatement to an educator preparation program.

Documentation to support your narrative when possible. For example, if you refer in your complaint to an educator preparation program policy, include a copy of the policy with your complaint. Helpful documentation might include letters or e-mails exchanged between the parties.


Mail the letter and its attachments to:

Correspondence Management 
Communications Division
Texas Education Agency 
1701 North Congress 
Austin, TX 79701-1494 


You may also fax your submission to (512) 463-9008 or email it to



Texas Education Agency staff will send confirmation of a complaint within 30 days of receiving the submission. Remember, information the public sends to TEA by email may not be secure. Do not email sensitive information to TEA. The agency will remove confidential or sensitive information when replying by email. TEA will maintain confidentiality of information to the extent the law allows. Please note that TEA will not consider phone complaints or complaints that are submitted anonymously.


After the Complaint Is Filed


Correspondence and complaints are forwarded to the appropriate TEA office for review. TEA staff reviews the complaint to ensure that TEA has jurisdiction and authority to intervene or investigate the matter. TEA staff also determines whether the complaint demonstrates a possible violation of school law or the TAC. If the complaint is insufficient or if TEA does not have authority to address the complaint, the agency will notify the complainant no more than 30 days after receiving the submission.

Please click on the link below to visit TEA’s webpage for more information.


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