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Program Overview

This alternative certification program is the first private web-based program in South Texas to be approved by the State Board for Educator Certification. The concept was developed by experienced individuals associated with teacher preparation who are aware of the inconvenience of traditional face-to-face training models.
Traditional teacher preparation programs make it inconvenient, if not impossible, for students far from training sites to meet their internship requirements. In addition to the time spent at each session, some students are driving several hours to attend required training while maintaining a full-time job. provides an easy to use and convenient alternative consisting of high-quality curriculum modules that interns complete on their own time schedule and from the comfort of their home, office or nearest internet access point. For more information, please feel free to call us at 877.822.1144. Our office is located in Edinburg, Texas where we can be reached by email:  Our mailing address is 2616 W. Freddy Gonzalez Dr., Edinburg, Texas 78539 and our toll-free fax line is:956-383-0911.


Admission Requirements


  1.  College transcripts are submitted and reviewed.
    1. If student has a 2.5 cumulative GPA or better he moves on to the next criterion.
    2. If student is below the required 2.5 cumulative GPA then his last 60 hours are reviewed to see if he has a 2.5 GPA or better in the last 60 hours.
    3. If the student still does not meet the 2.5 GPA requirement, his content courses will be reviewed to determine his GPA in his content area meets the 2.5 GPA requirement.
    4. A candidate who fails to meet the required GPA will be reviewed by the program director to determine if he will be admitted under the 10% exemption rule.
    5. All candidates who studied and graduated from a university in a foreign country where English was not the primary language of instruction and who wish to get certified to teach in Texas must successfully complete the following:
      • Achieve a 26 or better on the speaking portion of the TOEFL iBT
  2. A TSI interview is conducted to help determine whether or not a candidate has the affinity for teaching. 
  3. A candidate will be emailed an eligibility letter informing him of the possible areas of certification.
  4. If a candidate wishes to continue, then the application will enter the Advisory conference period.
    1. Option I:  Candidates meeting the minimum GPA requirement but lacking 24 or more content coursework with at least 12 being upper level will be required to participate in PACT.
      1. Pact Candidates will be provided content review to prepare them for taking the PACT test
      2. Will do 30 Hours of observation of a teacher (15 hours may be completed online).
      3. Will complete the 80 hour pre-admission course
      4. Upon successful completion of the items mentioned above, passing score on TExES exam, successful completion of 30 hour of observation, and passing score of pre-admission course they will be considered Highly Qualified
    2.  Highly Qualified Status:
      1. HQ candidates will receive their letter of introduction
      2. Receive a formal letter of acceptance
      3. Receive a statement of eligibility upon hire
      4. Internship begins


  1. Option II:
    1. Candidates who are deemed highly qualified based on transcript review will proceed to Highly Qualified status immediately and will have one year to complete all required testing.
    2. HQ candidates will receive their letter of introduction
    3. Receive a formal letter of acceptance
    4. Receive a statement of eligibility upon hire
    5. Internship begins
  1. EC - 6 Generalist/Bilingual or Generalist/English as a Second Language
    1. A combination of 24 hours in English, math (statistics may be applicable to this area of certification), science, and social studies with at least six semester hours in each subject (Math must be College Algebra or higher.)
    2. Additional English hours are required for the ESL certification

The following is contact information:

   Office Number (877) 822-1144
   Fax Number (866) 515-3077
   Louis Cuevas (956) 407-7370
   Noe Sauceda (956) 457-8041


Roles and Responsibilities of Campus Principal

  • Must assign teacher intern a mentor prior to first day of instruction;
  • Must monitor intern progress and report any concerns to program supervisor;
  • Must ensure mentor has the necessary resources required to support the first-year intern;
  • Must complete the PDAS no later than early Spring of the first year;
  • Must communicate decision to renew contract for subsequent year with program supervisor.


Roles and Responsibilities of the TeacherBuilder.Com Supervisors

  • Must ensure proper training of mentor;
  • Must provide contact information to mentor, intern and campus administration;
  • Must observe each intern a minimum of two times in the first semester and once in the second semester. using the TBC observation checklist.  Observation must be a minimum of 45 minutes in length.
  • Must ensure that the mentor has completed the required observations of the intern.


Roles and Responsibilities of TeacherBuilder.Com Mentors

Effective mentors share a number of characteristics.  The profile sketched below is based on a synthesis of observations described by many mentors and authors.  While any single mentor may not possess all of the characteristics, effective mentors have many of these qualities.  Effective mentors have a strong knowledge base and demonstrated skills in their field.  Their work demonstrates superior achievement.  Skilled mentors:

  • Must complete the TxBess training module online before first classroom observation of intern;         
  • Must observe the intern for a minimum of two (2) times per semester using the TBC observation checklist.
  • Must maintain frequent communication with the program supervisor on the progress of the intern, especially if concerns exist;
  • Must submit observation forms to the TBC program supervisor.


Roles and Responsibilities of TeacherBuilder.Com Interns:

Must complete and submit the internship eligibility form, the payment authorization form and a copy of the contact to the TBC office within two weeks of accepting a teaching position;      

  • Must complete the TxBESS training module online before first classroom observation by mentor;
  • Must complete all online modules as agreed upon with program supervisor;
  • Must maintain email communication with program supervisor a minimum of one contact every two weeks;
  • Must implement the recommendations provided by campus administrator, mentor and/or program supervisor.
  • Must make all required program payments as agreed to on the payment authorization form.  Any changes to payment schedule must be approved prior to change by the program supervisor.
  • If the candidate is not a late hire he/she must complete the following prior to setting foot in the classroom the interns will have completed.
    •  30 Hours of observation of a teacher (15 hours may be completed online).
    • Will have completed the 80 hour pre-admission course



Dear Interns,

The TeacherBuilder.Com staff knows things are going quickly in your new assignment.  Remember that feeling overwhelmed is normal for a beginning teacher.  As you gain experience you will also reduce your level of stress.


Following this letter are three forms, two of which you must complete and submit to TBC before we can recommend you for your probationary teacher certificate with SBEC.

Step One:  Complete your internship eligibility form.

Step Two:  Complete either the checking authorization form or the credit          card authorization form, depending on whether you would like us to charge your internship fees to a credit card account or your checking account;

Step Three:  Fax the following to 956-383-0911

  1.  A completed internship eligibility form
  2. A completed payment authorization form
  3. A copy of your contract

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


Your completed forms must be submitted no later than two weeks after you accept a teaching position.




  1.  Grievance
    1. It is our goal at to always provide our clients with the best service possible.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at your convenience all of our contact information can be found on the left hand side of every page of this website, and/or on the contact link at the top of every page on this website.  We will do everything within our power to rectify any situations in an effective and expedient manner.  If you are still not satisfied with our resolution or your issue has not been remedied to your satisfaction, below is the complaint process that can be followed to notify the Texas Education Agency.  To file a complaint with TEA about an educator preparation program, please compile a complete submission as outlined below. There is no complaint form.

Write a letter with a brief narrative of the facts of the complaint. To adequately review and address a complaint, TEA needs specific details. We must be able to identify a clear violation of a school law or Texas Administration Code and determine whether the agency has authority to act upon the allegation.

Complaints submissions should include the following:

  • Why you believe the issues raised in your complaint are valid. You should also indicate how you believe that TEA can assist you with this matter. Remember that TEA cannot assist you in understanding your contractual arrangement with the educator preparation program, arranging for a refund, obtaining a higher grade or credit for training, or seeking reinstatement to an educator preparation program, etc.
  • Documentation to support your narrative when possible, for example, if you make reference in your complaint to an educator preparation program policy, include a copy of the policy with your complaint. Helpful documentation might include letters or e-mail exchanged between the parties, agreements, etc.

Mail the letter and its attachments to:

Correspondence Management 
Communications Division
Texas Education Agency 
1701 North Congress 
Austin, TX 79701-1494 

You can also FAX your submission to (512) 463-9008 or email it to

Texas Education Agency staff will send confirmation of a complaint within 30 days of receiving the submission.

Remember, information the public sends to TEA by email may not be secure. Confidential or sensitive information should not be emailed to TEA, and the agency will remove confidential or sensitive information when replying by email. TEA will maintain confidentiality of information to the extent the law allows.

Please note that the Texas Education Agency will not consider phone complaints or complaints that are submitted anonymously. 

  1.  Program Exit Policy
    1. Any of the following will result in immediate exit from the online EPP program.
      1. A violation of the professional code of conduct
      2. Failure to comply with all program requirements
      3. Voluntary surrender/exit of program acceptance may be achieved by submission of a written letter to your program supervisor.                                                                                   

A candidate that uses all three years of probationary certification will be allowed to enter the clinical teaching program.

  1. All candidates that remain in good standing with but have not completed all program requirements will be automatically closed after 5 years and will need to begin the process all over.
  2. All policy decision may be appealed by submitting a written statement requesting  a meeting with program administration.  All decisions made by administrators will be final. 
  3. Candidates are also made aware that they may file a complaint directly to TEA as per the complaint process at any time during the program.
  1. Closing Procedures
    1. A relationship with a partner EPP will be established in order to ensure that all current candidates may be able to complete their requirements for certification.





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