Teacher Builder Staff

The following are different staff members you can contact to help answer any questions on our program or guide you through the application process. 

Jessica Sauceda - Executive Director

Cristina Cardenas - Office Manager/Certification Officer

Reveca Jimenez - Billing Manager

Nicholas Alvarez - Director of Recruiting

Jeane Garza - Lead Supervisor/Lead Online Instructor

Robert Sauceda - ETS Lab Director

Stephanie Snell - San Antonio Lead/Online Instructor

Joe Gonzalez - Brownsville Lead

Mari Salazar - Houston Lead

Martin Villa - Advisor

Jaime Lopez - Program Administrator

Hector Ortiz - Tech and Web Design

Rayner Cardenas - Office Assistant

Yesenia Duenas - Recruiter

Ruby Garcia - Recruiter

Jacqueline Leo - Online Instructor

Ruben Leo - Online Instructor

Mario Garza - Online Instructor

Karen Escalante - Liason

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