PPR Course Work

The Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities Coursework (PPR) is our flagship curriculum.

This intensive program helps our candidates achieve a 98% pass rate on the state exam with courses designed to teach you how to teach. 
The programs coursework  covers, but is not limited to,  the following:

  • child growth and development
  • classroom management 
  • lesson planning
  • vocabulary common in schools such as ARD, IEP, etc.

This course is broken up in to the various domains and compentencies that the state has identified and what the PPR exam is designed to test.  It has quizzes, videos, excercises and provides you with additional supplemental information that will be very useful both when taking the PPR exam, and more importantly when you begin your new career in the classroom. 


In addtion, we have 5 full length practice exams, which provides candidates with the rationale for not only the correct answer, but --just as important-- they provide you with feedback and rationale when you answer a question incorrectly. 

Content Areas

Along with our PPR exam, Teacher Builder provides content preparation coursework. It is not intended to teach you an entire subject area, you went to the Universtiy for that, what our curriculum does is prepare you for a candidates chosen content test. 

Teacher Builder's content Prep is a mini refresher course in the chosen subject matter and more importantly it is a way to learn how the test is designed so you can choose the "best" answer. 

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